The Convention Center Advisor was created because the convention center industry is bereft of a publication whose goal is to provide practical, actionable and professional advice. There are few standardized benchmarks and examples to compare and determine whether your business model is working. The Advisor will fill that void. This publication will tackle most of the day to day issues that operators, customer service managers and sales people face day to day. This blog/newsletter will be different. You will not see a re-hash of press releases composed by others. Nor will you see the bland and all too general references to this or that trend. Rather you should see and I trust appreciate advice from experienced voices on how to operate a convention center successfully.

About MTMConsult, LLC – MTMConsult, LLC is a consultancy specializing in facility management issues facing convention centers, colleges and universities and other large multi-use facilities. Myles McGrane is the Owner and Principal of MTMConsult, LLC. Mr. McGrane is a graduate of the US Naval Academy and served as a Navy Pilot. He also holds a Masters degree in City Planning from the University of Tennessee. He was the Energy Manager and Director of Plant Operations for National Broadcasting Company (NBC), the GM of the Javits Center, a Corporate VP for Centerplate, and for the past six years an industry consultant. Learn more, visit – www.conventioncenternow.com.

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